EvoLve from Challenge to Achievement

The quality and longevity of a senior's life can be measurably improved through companionship, staying active of mind and body, and making healthy choices. Many seniors are seeking a supportive environment, which will enable them to continue to function independently and deal with the challenges of the aging process. EvoLve communities do more than simply provide access to supportive services; they provide an environment that helps seniors flourish. EvoLve provides a platform of complementary therapies, splendid culinary services, engaging activities, community involvement, fundraisers, community outreach endeavors, and purpose-driven opportunities for each resident to contribute. 

We become what we focus upon; it's an inescapable human predictor. After experiencing a significant setback, such as the loss of a spouse or an impediment to their own mobility, seniors can often focus on the negative and slip into depression. Evolve Senior Living communities engage each resident and channel their interests and abilities into a positive and productive focus. Residents experience a sense of accomplishment when they feel their contribution matters. Turning lifestyle challenges into achievement and purpose offers hope and builds self-esteem, which channels the power of the mind into vital energy for the body. 

Stay Ahead Five-step Training Program

StayAhead our specialized, five-step training program is designed to orient team members to the strategies for the treatment of elderly persons, both cognitively alert and those suffering from dementia.   Specialized communication strategies, validation therapy, redirection and behavior management help ensure a high quality of life without the use of behavior modification drugs. Specialized caregiver training, provided by a neuropsychologist and our clinical director, prepares team members to recognize and diffuse difficult situations as they arise, before they can fester.  Team member training is designed to help caregivers deal with specialized needs of dementia residents and Stay Ahead of potential challenges and pitfalls. 

Additionally, unique caregiver training includes medication management, acute behavioral observation, validation and reminiscence therapy, creative art, hygiene, safety, and emergency preparedness.  Sensitivity training is also provided to enable caregivers to understand the complexities of aging and disease progression.  Team members are taught to recognize subtle changes in residents’ condition.  Long team member tenure allows caregivers to gain intimate knowledge of residents’ personal habits and characteristics.   As a result, caregivers grow to recognize minor developments in residents' behavior much the same as a mother would recognize a subtle change in her child. When detected early, many health or behavioral challenges can be alleviated through proactive measures, enabling residents to continue to enjoy independence and quality of life.

Highest Staff to Resident Ratio Available

Our Residents enjoy the highest staff to resident ratio available, which results in long team member tenure.  Our long-term caregivers therefore have the opportunity to become familiar with the individual needs and preferences of each resident, enabling them to bond with their residents thereby ensuring the best care possible. 

It is the hands-on caregivers who are the closest to the residents.  Our Certified Nurse Aides and Home Health Aides are all credentialed by the state and are provided with additional orientation and on-going training by EvoLve Senior Living to qualify them for providing care.

Over time a symbiotic relationship develops between the resident and his/her CNA.  Each becomes the support system of the other and it becomes in their best interest to care for their residents.  In return the resident will receive the best quality of care that the assistant is capable of giving.  It is human nature for people (especially caregivers) to bond with each other, in the right environment, it happens naturally.  

iCan EvoLve to active living

Evolve Senior Living knows residents who are engaged are healthier.  Emotional health and wellbeing are as important as physical care. Fostering an environment of improvement for our residents means using a robust activities program, our unique system, iCan, was refined over the course of many years and provides a system for front line team members to keep residents active and engaged by structuring 19 unique activities every day, or almost 7,000 per year.  These activity therapies are based on best practices and exciting research initiatives and dramatically improve resident quality of life.  iCan entails the use of affordable multimedia audio/visual technology with activity design principals as an effective method of meeting each resident's need for friendship, respect, confidence, and creativity.  All resource materials are hyperlinked for caregiver resource and instruction, and each activity has a purpose and method.  Seniors with dementia tend to experience a higher risk of falling than the general elderly population.  Morning exercise, and physical activities keep joints limber and help reduce the frequency of falls.  Alzheimer's disease often impacts short term memories, leaving some long term memories intact - programs that cue residents to access their long term memories can highlight to them what they can still do, which in turn builds self-esteem and confidence.  Residents' creativity and fine motor skills are called upon via iCan programming which works to provide structure and stimulation and helps to build a sense of accomplishment.  iCan's use of Music including songs from youth and familiar themes, has a calming effect and produces tangible benefits from this natural therapy. Binaural beats or tones are also used to induce relaxation, meditation, creativity, and other desirable mental states, and have also been claimed to reduce anxiety and provide other health benefits such as control over pain.  Horticultural, art, and MnemeTherapy, and other therapies are also used within iCan to EvoLve and enhance wellness.