EvoLve to Healthy Living

EvoLve Senior Living offers state-of-the-art seniors housing community management with particular emphasis on assisted living and memory care. EvoLve's management team brings over 30 years of operational expertise and innovation to our seniors housing platform. Amenities, services, and caregivers are all carefully chosen to infuse our communities with LovE. Residents are furnished with a wide array of healthy living choices, drawing upon the latest elder care research and client satisfaction feedback. EvoLve's care is person-centered, focused on both quality of life and quality of care with the goal of optimizing resident well-being. Person-centered care's foundation is based on the traditional senior housing model that goes one step further to realign priorities away from what may be best for all to what is best for each. Operational structures and processes provide support to each individual to achieve his/her highest functioning level possible. This approach allows us to understand a person not only as someone who may suffer from an illness, but also as someone who is still blessed with a vital personality, even though it is sometimes concealed by illness. EvoLve's therapeutic, multi-faceted approach to senior living provides residents with the highest quality of life possible while providing an environment that nurtures residents' ability to remain healthy and active.